The Essential: Mansur Gavriel

Photo Credit: Alissa Walker, some rights reserved, license:

I am officially in love with my new Mansur Gavriel tote, and it’s a profound, passionate, heart-stopping, can’t-live-without-each-other love. I have been looking for the perfect black leather tote for years and I can say, without hesitation, that this is it.

On a surprisingly warm and sunny Saturday afternoon amidst the dismal winter weather we have been having in New York, I was eager to remedy my spring fever with some much-needed retail therapy.

Steven Alan happened to be one of my first stops and it’s where I ended up finding my soul tote. I swear it beckoned me from across the room and when given the choice between the cammello brown with rose interior and the black with royal blue lining, I couldn’t help myself. The minimalist black tote was coming home with me.

With its beautifully structured shape, clean lines, smooth, vegetable-tanned leather, and discrete gold-embossed label (not to mention its extremely reasonable price tag) I was shocked that they even had them in stock! Since every girl in New York is trying to get her hands on one, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Sunshine AND the coveted, quintessential tote all in one day? Playing the lottery crossed my mind.

This young, New-York based brand was founded in 2012 by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, two girls who shared similar backgrounds and the exact same dream. In a world full of handbags adorned with clasps, buckles, chains, charms, zippers, and fringe, this brand pairs it down and makes a selection of discreet, understated and classic bags with fun pop colors. Whether your style is reflected in their large or small tote, their bucket bag or their large wallet, these are all accessories that you will carry with you for years to come!

To purchase your very own Mansur Gavriel, you can try visiting any of these retailers listed on the Mansur Gavriel website. They are also launching an online retail boutique this summer, so be sure to follow their tumblr feed for news on that! Until then, has also featured this helpful resource guide for getting your hands on one. Bonne chance!

Photo Credit: Alissa Walker, creative commons license: some rights reserved