Jenna Bunnell

Co-Founder and Contributor

Jenna is a consummate planner who believes that beauty and style exist in the details. As the Director of Events for a French luxury brand, Jenna spends much of her day planning adventures for her guests and commissioning the perfect cocktail. She is largely inspired by the simple yet grand experience of nature and still dreams of the dense forests and starry skies in her home state of Michigan. Jenna currently lives in Brooklyn and is perpetually searching for the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. She feels most at home on a dance floor, never underestimates the power of sleep and is easily bribed with salted caramels or a spicy margarita.

Brooke Long

Co-Founder and Contributor

Brooke is a Michigan-born, New York-shaped financier turned yoga teacher. She finds inspiration at the intersection of science and art, evidenced by her formative years spent studying ballet and engineering. After eight years of trading fixed income on Wall Street, Brooke swapped bonds for bandhas and earned a teaching certification in hatha yoga.  Brooke currently resides in London with her husband Stephen and their twin Yorkshire terriers Gus and Lola. She feels most energized living in the city but seeks solitude in a forest, peace by the ocean and clarity on the mat. She spends her days living out her desire to solve interesting problems, practice photography, teach yoga, and travel the world.

Hallie Stephens

Co-Founder and Contributor

A Los Angeles transplant by way of Chicago and New York, Hallie is an on-air host, writer and producer of entertainment news. When she’s not working the red carpets in Hollywood, she can be found baking (and dancing) in her kitchen, hosting dinner parties for friends, singing along to the sweet sounds of vinyl on the turntable and seeking out odd adventures in her city. Dubbed “Suzy Homemaker” by her friends, Hallie delights in creating a warm and cozy yet chic environment for her loved ones.