Where are you from? Hallie is from a suburb just outside of Chicago and Jenna and Brooke are from Michigan.

How did the three of you meet one another?
Jenna and Brooke have been best friends since the day Jenna was born. The bonds of sisterhood! Hallie and Jenna joined the same sorority their freshman year of college, and after graduation they all lived together in New York City.

Where did you go to college?
All three of us are proud University of Michigan alumni. Go Blue!

What did you study in college?
Hallie studied English and Communications, Jenna studied Communications, and Brooke studied Engineering.

Which cameras do you use?
Our iPhones, a Sony RX-100, and occasionally a Nikon D7000.

Who takes your photographs?
We recruit friends and family to take the photos when we are the subject of the images. Otherwise, we are behind the camera snapping away.

May I use your photographs on my site?
Of course! Please just make sure to credit us and link back to our blog as our images are all copyrighted.

On what platform do you host your blog?

What do you do for a living?
Hallie is a producer, writer and reporter of entertainment news, Jenna is the Special Events Director for a luxury fashion house, and Brooke is a financier turned yoga instructor.

How did you get your start?
Hallie got her start in New York at the Rachael Ray show as the assistant to the Executive Producer, Jenna started out as the assistant to the head of a prominent New York PR firm, and Brooke traded bonds on Wall Street for eight years.



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